I'm the kind of girl who tries to watch scary movies- but fails miserably. In love with a partner who has earnt her trust and respect. Knows the difference between making a living- and making a life. Wants to wake up next to chard everyday, forever. Hates being late, but so often is. Believes in luck- the harder you work, the more luck you get. Loves spicy food. Hopes to travel the world one day. Loyal friend. Laughs to loud. Talks to much. Believes in learning the rules- and breaking them .Enjoys small victories in life. Answers to the nickname “iya”. Irritated by fake personalities. Confused by maths subjects. Promises to get fit…then doesn’t. Frets when away from chard for too long. Hopeless at saving, but tries nonetheless. Habitually does assignments on the day they are due- and each time claims that it will be the last. Loves the feeling of her perfectly applied makeup.

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